Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Business Cards

Overnight prints on the left, Gotprint on the right.

I recently ordered new business cards from I had been looking to find a better deal on business cards that were of good quality but inexpensive, since I was looking to use stickers that I could place on the back of the cards to create promotional coupons. After browsing the etsy forums for suggestions, I settled on Gotprint. I ordered 1000 cards for $22, including shipping. This also included a 5% off coupon that I found via a google search.

My old Overnightprints cards were approx. $30 for 300 cards, which is far more expensive. This also including a discount coupon that I had found with a google search.

After looking at the two cards side by side, I've determined that while the Overnightprints cards were of a slightly better quality, the price difference at Gotprint makes their cards worthwhile. While the designs on each set of cards is slightly different, the main thing I noticed was the feel of the paper. The texture on each set of cards was pretty much the same, but the Overnightprint cards felt a tad thicker and sturdier. Also, on the back of the cards, the paper around the black text did not seem as white on the Gotprint cards. I believe this was due to the nature of the paper used - Overnightprints used a whiter paper to print on.

If you look very closely on the Gotprint cards, you can see some slight pixelation at the edges of the text. I am not certain as to if this is because of Gotprint's printing, or if there was a problem when I resized my files from 300 DPI to 350 DPI. Also, my cards are designed so that when you lay two cards above and below each other as shown in the photos, the designs combine to make one large logo. The alignment in the Gotprint cards was slightly off, but this is another thing that I was not sure if it was due to my files or due to the way Gotprint crops and cuts the cards.

I was also happy about finding a better deal than Vistaprint's 'free' business cards deal. Because of Vistaprint's habit of scamming their customers, I wasn't really willing to give them my business, even through Paypal or various other 'safe' methods of dealing with them.

Overall, I was very satisfied with my new cards, as this enables me to have very affordable marketing. I've already sent several batches of promo cards out to various places.


Jen said...

Those are really cool! Good purchase!
-10oneworld on etsy

sillie smile said...

wow, thanks for sharing because i'm looking into business cards as well! thanks~

Waseem said...

who provide you the service of business Card Printing?