Saturday, June 21, 2008

Strands of kelp...

The newest addition to the shop is a pair of earrings that are hand forged and soldered together so that they look like strands of kelp. These earrings are based on a portfolio piece that I created in 2007 entitled Nereid.

A nereid is a sea nymph according to Greek mythology. This necklace features a kelp chain of sterling silver and copper links. Her face is copper, pierced in a design that shows kelp leaves and seahorses in her hair. Her brain is cloisonné enameled copper in the shape of a brain with a wave in it. This shows that her thoughts are of the sea, her home. The copper has a green patina as a reflection of the sea-life surrounding her.

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Minky Magic said...

I think this is absolutely stunning, really inspirational!