Friday, March 14, 2008

Shirt.woot: Moosestache

So I've been a big fan of submit your t-shirt design websites for awhile now, but this week I finally decided to submit something to one of them.

Shirt.woot is a part of, which offers really good deals on whatever they happen to get their hands on. Shirt.woot takes submissions from Woot members for t-shirt ideas based on a weekly theme. Each week the them changes, and this week's theme is Canada.

I've had this idea for awhile now of a man which his mustache hair sculpted into moose antlers, making a moosestache. I finally got it complete, and submitted it to this week's woot derby.

For other graphic artists out there, this could be an opportunity for you, especially if you're more skilled than I am. They pay $200 for the first printing, and $2 per shirt for every shirt sold after that. It can add up to be a whole lot if the design is particularly popular. Some shirts, such as The Cake is a Liar, have been up for well over a month, maybe two, and are still selling.

Good luck to anyone who enters!

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