Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Twitter and Design Contests

So today I saw an article in the Storque about Twitter - a new program that is basically the Facebook status update function, but that's all it is.
You post little messages about what you're doing, thinking about, planning, etc and then the people that 'follow' you can see them and read whats going on with you. You can actually post links too.

Apparently this is getting pretty popular with Etsians, so I thought I'd sign up and check it out just to see what the deal is. It's actually pretty cool, you can post your updates via text message or Google chat - which is my preferred method.
You can see in the side bar to the right that I now have a little feed going of my updates, or you could go to my Twitter page and check them out on person, and follow me if you have your own account.

But while I was checking this stuff out, Make happened to make a post about a design contest in their blog. This contest is by Modofly - a group that laser etches designs onto the surface of moleskine notebooks. Check out the blog entry about the contest here, then send Modofly an e-mail to for details.

Now since I've been seeing several design contests and such things around lately, and mostly just posting them on Facebook (where I think no one actually sees them) I figured I might as well start posting them here for people to see. Most of these are for screenprinting or graphic design or illustrators - stuff that's way outside my skill set. So if I can't enter, at least I can possibly tell someone who can about them.

Expect to see a few more updates about design contests and call for entries when I find them, and good luck to any who enter!

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